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Vertical 1-plane balancing machine with drill-correction

SHV-5110A is designed for automatically measuring surface waviness, indexing, and drilling to correct unbalance.

  • Balancing plane : 1 plane
  • Workpiece Mass : 10kg max.
  • Rotor dia.: ø350mm max.
  • Chucking adapter : Collet chuck
  • Balancing Speed : 850min-1
  • Min. Achievable Unbalance :1.0 μm

Flywheel, Pulley, Gear, etc.


  • Without set‐up change
  • From measurement to correction are performed automatically without set‐up change.

  • Measurement surface waviness
  • Surface waviness measurement of flywheels, shrink-fit ring gears etc. and judgment device

  • Auto hole detection
  • When hall is existing at correcting place, automatically correct another position with vector calculation.

  • Data transfer
  • Measured data can be transferred to PC by USB cable -optional

  • Small foot print

Specifications: SHV-5110A

Model SHV-5110A
Workpiece Max. Mass 10kg
Max. diameter ø350mm
Mechanical unit Motor AC servo motor, 0.75kw with brake
Chucking adapter Collet chuck
Balancing speed 850min-1
Bearing support system Hard type
Measuring unit Balancing plane 1 plane
Eccentricity correction Included
Min. Achievable Unbalance 1.0µm
Graphic display 5.7" TFT color LCD with touch screen
Min. unbalance indication 0.01g
Indication mode Polar coordinates and (3 to 99) components of unbalance vector
No. of stored work data 50 data (No limitation when use with USB memory)
Judgment of measured result Judgment with set limit value
Data transfer Measured data can be transferred to PC by USB cable -optional
Others Power supply 3 phase 200V ±10%
option Surface waviness measurement for ring gears
Existing hole detection to avoid overlapped correction
Dimensions 1,061(W) × 1,310(L) × 2,143(H)mm
Mass Approx. 600kg