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Vibration Monitor

Battery powered portable monitor suit for Simplified diagnosis
VM-1001H: High grade model with built-in Frequency analyzer
VM-1001S: Simplified economy model

Easy operation, Low price
•Battery and AC power operation
•Vibration severity measurement (based on JIS B 0907)
•Measurement and Recording Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement
•Screen image can be strored


Polygon mirror motors, HDD spindle motors, etc.

Sensor holder

Common Features of VM series

•Easy operation
•Battery operation (AC adaptor available as standard)
•Vibration severity measurement (based on JIS B 0907)
•Measurement and Recording Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement
•Velocity and Displacement are derived from spectrum data of Acceleration signal
•Measured data can be transferred to PC via USB port.
•Measured data ban be stored in microSD card.

Features of VM-1001H

•Including Frequency analysis function.
•Raw waveform observation and recording function is included
•Bearing diagnosis function based on bearing specifications



Model High-grade type: VM-1001H Standard type: VM-1001S
Vibration input channel 1ch
Vibration sensor Piezoelectric Accelerometer: Model P10T, Sensitivity: 10pC/ (m/s²)
Measuring range Acceleration 0.1 to 40 m/s²
Velocity 0.1 to 200 mm/s
Displacement 1.0 to 5000 μm
Frequency range Acceleration 10Hz to 20kHz
Velocity 10Hz to 1kHz (based on JIS B 0907-1989)
Displacement 10Hz to 1kHz
Envelope 1kHz to 20kHz N/A
USB port USB mini-B type (for measured and screen capture data transfer to PC)
Micro SD card slot Equipped as standard
Display 3.5” color LCD with touch screen
Electric power Li-Ion battery and/or AC adapter
Dimension and Mass 180(W)×45(L)×100(H)mm / 350g
Vibrometer mode Acceleration Peak value. True RMS, Crest factor
Velocity True RMS
Displacement Derived P-P or True RMS selectable
Frequency analysis mode Function Spectrum, Accel Envelope, Bearing diagnosis N/A
Parameter Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement、Envelope
No. of sampling 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048
Frequency range 200Hz、500Hz、1kHz、2kHz、5kHz、10kHz、20kHz
Window function Hanning, Rectangular, Flat top
Time domain waveform mode Frequency range 200Hz、500Hz、1kHz、2kHz、5kHz、10kHz、20kHz N/A
No. of line 25、50、100、200、400、800