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Condition Monitor CMseries
CMseries lineup
CM-2001 series 1ch Low cost Condition monitor
CM-3001 series 6ch switching method Supports various measurements

CM-2001 Features

A simple specialized condition monitor

Compact, lightweight, easy-to-use, low-priced model

Equipment monitoring with overall vibration measurement

Measurement parameters can be switched arbitrarily between acceleration / velocity / displacement

Remote control

Equipped with a USB port, it supports operation from a PC and display / storage of measurement data.

Data log

Automatically save measurement data to microSD card

CM-2001 PDFカタログ

CM-3001 Features

6ch switching monitor

Monitoring while sequentially switching sensors of up to 6 channels
Switching timing can be set arbitrarily

Abundant monitoring items

・Overall vibration monitoring
・Frequency band monitoring
・Unbalance vibration monitoring
・Temperature monitoring -Optional
・Current monitoring -Optional

Up to 6 threshold monitors

Up to 6 thresholds can be set regardless of the number of channels

Threshold automatic setting

Automatically sets the average / maximum value within the set time as the threshold value

Remote control

Equipped with a LAN port, it supports online monitoring using a PC

Data log

Automatically save measurement data to microSD card

Balancing function -Optional

If it has an influence coefficient, the balance calculation result is displayed immediately from the measured value of the unbalanced vibration monitoring.
If it does not have an influence coefficient, the measured value of unbalanced vibration monitoring is used as the initial measured value of the balance calculation.
Efficient balancing is possible.

CMseries spec CM-2001/3001 spec