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Vertical twin-spindle 1-plane balancing machine

SHV-5103A has twin spindle. 2 pieces of fan impeller can be measured and corrected simultaneously.

  • Balancing plane : 1 plane
  • Workpiece Mass : 3.0kg max.
  • Rotor dia.: ø400mm max.
  • Chucking adapter : Locating pin holes
  • Balancing Speed : 800 to 1,500min-1
  • Min. Achievable Unbalance :1.0 μm

Flywheel, Ring gear, Impellers of pump, Brake drum, pulley, etc.


  • Measure 2 pieces of work simultaneously.
  • This machine performs very high production efficiency because of simultaneous measurement of 2 work pieces by twin spindle.

  • Automatic carry out of NG work
  • This machine carries out NG work automatically by judgment measurement after unbalance correction.

  • Touch screen operation
  • Small foot print

Specifications: SHV-5103A

Model SHV-5103A
Workpiece Max. Mass 3kg
Max. Diameter ø400mm
Mechanical unit Motor AC servo motor, 750W
Chucking adapter Locating pin holes
Balancing speed 800 to 1,500min-1
Bearing support system Hard type
Measuring unit Balancing plane 1 plane
Eccentricity correction Included
Min. Achievable Unbalance 1.0μm
Graphic display 5.7" TFT color LCD with touch screen
Min. unbalance indication 0.01g
Indication mode Polar coordinates and (3 to 99) components of unbalance vector
(add or remove of unbalance correction masses are selectable)
No. of stored work data 50 data (No limitation when use with USB memory)
Judgment of measured result Judgment with set limit value
Data transfer Measured data can be transferred to PC or stored USB memory -optional
Others Power supply 3 phase 200V ±10%
Dimensions 1,352(W) × 1,155(L) × 1,600(H)mm
Mass 800kg